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released 01 June 2012



"The Gentlemen Bastards play a southern-infused brand of bluesy heavy rock that is meant to be played at loud volumes until your head explodes. The band believes that rock is headed in the wrong direction and through their passion and conviction are making it their goal to set it straight. I believe that they are doing just that. Rock on Gentlemen!"
~ Heavy Planet (USA)

"This self titled release is 52 minutes of infectious grooves. Not too heavy, never too light. Great straight up hard rock and roll, that’s what this is about. A good time is to be had with this album, that’s for sure."
~ The Soda Shop (USA)

"The Gentlemen Bastards might be based in Alabama, home of all things Southern Rock but don't be expecting a 2nd rate Lynyrd Skynyrd rip-off. These guys have been schooled in the hard rock university of Soundgarden, Clutch, QOTSA and Sabbath."

"All in all this album is a fucking blast from start to finish. It will leave you with a warm fuzzy glow inside and that's what a great Stoner Rock album should do. Excellent and Highly Recommended."
~ The Sludgelord (UK)

Playing great stoner rock they step off the template for this genre by adding a rich southern twist. And contrary to most bands of this particular style, they refrain from using fuzz and reverb. Instead they go for big fat riffs and a heavy rock approach with a shit-ton of groove...and it's goddamned fantastic!

The riff is a very important thing for these Southern gentlemen, that and a strong sense of melody. And they use these two ingredients perfectly. Every new spin of this album brings something new to the table but best of all is the feel-good sense that emanates from this wax. Don't ask me how they do it but the way they let the riff-fest that is stoner rock mix with the attitude and song structure of southern rock, the outcome is truly an exceptional one of a kind album.
~ The Ripple Effect (USA)

"They play a no bull breed of hard rock and roll, the way it's meant to be played, without any apologies or self-consciousness. Loaded with incendiary pyrotechnics, which guitarist Bill Barry has in spades, the band blasts through a generous helping of ten songs in just over 50 minutes and don't so much as blink along the way."

"Four dudes on choppers cruising down the rock n roll highway crashing every party as they go. The Gentlemen Bastards aren't going to change the way you think about rock n roll, nor do they set out to. They don't play retro rock, but their sound is as much an extension of the 70s as anything by today's best northern European hard rock bands. Their reach may be limited to the immediately tangible but their stride is colossal, in other words, they stick to what is recognizably hard rock, but knock on every door on the block, hitting on many facets of the genre without veering off into detours. They've got short songs, long songs, slow building epic songs, and uptempo cruisers but manage to maintain a strong focus. They can busk and they can strut but they don't once appear silly or take what they do lightly. For theirs is a sacred duty, the art of rocking balls off."
~ Paranoid Hitsophrenic (Canada)

When a band tells me they’re “riff-driven” stoner rock with metal elements and influences that range from Black Sabbath to Clutch, I check that shit out.

If they lied to me just to get my attention, I immediately erase the email. But I didn’t erase Bill Barry’s email. That’s because his band The Gentlemen Bastards is fucking good.
~ Gunshy Assassin (USA)

The whole album is irritatingly catchy, foot tapping and nodding the head is too hard to resist! This album not only packs a punch, it approaches you with enough swing and swagger that they should easily steer hard rock in the right direction!

Hard working rock, with a Southern feel and a slight bluesy feel to it. I can only imagine how intense their live shows must be. Keep it coming guys!
~ Rock Regeneration (UK)

"Every track is brash, energetic and aggressive rock and roll. Guitarist Bill Barry delivers some absolutely rip roaring solos in “Motorcycle Song” and “Deja Vu,” and some short punchy riffs that power such tracks as “Last Rites” and “Take A Ride.” The rhythm section deserves a lot of praise throughout the record as jazz bassist Bödvar Bödvarsson and drummer Dave Stanley allow longer songs like “Bad Wolf” and “NMR” to swing and swagger along, giving the guitarist free reign to wail and create some psychotic sounds."

"It’s a finely produced album and considering they are a newly formed band one would think they would need to refine their sound more to pull off ten and seven minute songs, however they pull it off perfectly. There’s promise in this band and a lot to like if you’re into aggressive rhythms and bellowing guitars."
The Review: 8/10
~ Blues Rock Review (USA)

"THE GENTLEMEN BASTARDS (from Huntsville, Alabama) is not the classic old-school four 4-piece Rock band, but brings many fresh elements in the very interesting blend of energetic Southern Rock with a touch of Stoner-ish Hard Rock, that sounds even better with a 6-pack of cold ones and a generous mouthwatering serving of bbq pork ribs."

“The Gentlemen Bastards” contains 10 CLUTCH-influenced tracks, full of roaring guitar expertise, catchy tunes and a rabid bass that has the lead, creating an all-around QOTSA feeling. What I really liked in this album was that the band has filtered all the striking influences and has added a personal finishing touch almost creating a new Metal/Rock genre that I’d fancy to call ‘Southern Hard Rock’, being groovy and old-fashioned at the same time."
~ Metal Kaoz (Greece)

I must confess my heart has always been within the realms of classic, southern and dirty old stoner rock. So being as these Alabama bastards tick all those boxes and more it's safe to say I'm onto a personal winner.

Wallowing in a heathy dose of your typical southern rock style, the album actually rests on the more gentle side of the genre. Sounding distinctly modern in its composition it's tone well and truly lies somewhere back within the 70's amongst the likes of Cactus, Mountain and Black Oak Arkansas. Which suits me just fine as I've always maintained that I was born 30 years too late. Either way your pendulum swings, whether you prefer your modern or classic heavy rock there's something here for you.
~ Ride With The Devil (UK)

"They take the southern rock they grew up with; incorporate a little of that British Isle rock ‘n roll (which might be due to the Canadian drummer and the Icelandic bassplayer) and some heavy stuff they know the guys from Soundgarden or Clutch would dig. Polish it off a bit and soak for three weeks in a bath of beer and bourbon. Let it leak out above a smoky bbq and the dry airy drums start to shine. The steady truckin bass starts to simmer and the guitar begins to bleed classic riffs and unrestrained lines that would shake the foundation of any dusty watering hole. Add to this the fact the guys know how to construct a song and an off-center high pitched vocalist that absolutely convinces and you have a tasty recipe that honors the old guard and incorporates the new."
~ Stoner HiVe (Netherlands)

All in all it’s an edgy album, hard power chords infused with similarly rough vocals, not rough in the sense you’ve just woken up in a dumpster with a homeless guy licking your face, but rough where you’ve had your eardrums bashed in at a local club because you stood too close to the speakers. It hurts, but it’s worth the pain and it feels so good in the end you just don’t give a shit.
~ The Sleeping Shaman (UK)

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The Gentlemen Bastards Huntsville, Alabama

Recommended for fans of Clutch, QOTSA, Red Fang, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, etc.

Alabama has a reputation for being a few years behind the rest of the country. But, that's just fine with The Gentlemen Bastards. Take a listen to their debut album and you'll hear ten powerful tracks full of huge, old-school riffs with the swing and swagger that is missing from rock radio's one dimensional scene. ... more

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